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Bolton Based Fitness Brand Brings Modesty to the Market

“It was now or never.”

Misbah Mogradia launched her modest fitness wear company, Imaan Active, in September 2019, at the age of 20, whilst studying for her degree in Economics at the University of Manchester.

After a rocky start at university, Misbah, a social butterfly who thrives off company, struggled to make friends and found the gym to be her saviour.

As Misbah progressed on her fitness journey, she was unable to find modest activewear that was both affordable and of high quality.

Imaan Active, which is based in Bolton, has recently launched ‘drop 2.0’, which features co-ords, hoodies and Hijabs in a range of neutral shades.

What started as ‘Muslim activewear’ has now become an inclusive brand with gear designed for men and women of all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities.

Misbah said: “In 2019, when I started Imaan Active, there were modest brands in the UK, but the things I liked were about 90 pounds and the mid-range products which I didn’t really like, were in funny colours and patterns.

“When I committed to the gym, in my second year, I wanted to invest in some quality clothing, my dad’s hoodie and some random shirts, weren’t going to cut it.”

Misbah’s search for modest activewear resulted in Imaan Active.

She realised that if she was having this issue, many other girls would be going through the same thing.

“I had the idea, and I did briefly think it would be better to start it after university but, I’m glad I did it now, I made it a reality.

“It was now or never.

“I received positive feedback from the start.

“Customers loved the quality and price of the clothes as well as the brand and the message behind it.

“I wouldn’t sell something I don’t personally feel comfortable in.”

Imaan Active has two different styles in all their clothing- the slim fit and the relaxed fit.

Misbah didn’t want to impose her version of modesty on other people and wanted it to be inclusive of everyone’s tastes and preferences.

“People love the fact that Imaan Active feels like a brand made for them, and I want to provide gear that they feel comfortable and confident in.”

“If I can conquer this, then I can conquer everything else.”

The pieces Misbah has created feature a timeless design that will become staples in every gym wardrobe.

“With the design, we always try to keep it as simple and minimalist as possible because this isn’t a fast-fashion brand.

“We want customers to wear the pieces again and again, and they can mix and match with the rest of the range.

“I want customers to get the best use out of our clothes.”

Starting a business at a young age is quite risky but, Misbah explained all the challenges she has conquered and how they have shaped her.

From photoshoot dilemmas to working through a pandemic, this venture has shown her all that she is capable of and more.

“If I can conquer this, then I can conquer everything else.

“With a business, you have to be prepared for things not to go your way 99 per cent of the time and, you have to be a quick thinker.”

Misbah hopes to take Imaan Active to the next stage by recruiting workers and getting some office space.

Seeing what she has achieved, Misbah is grateful for her business and proud of everything she has done up till this moment.

“My proudest moment with Imaan Active has to be the launch because I had an idea and, I brought it to life.

“Everyone has a good imagination but, only some people have the drive to pursue the idea and bring it to fruition and, that’s what I’m proud of.

“I’d tell everyone to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone because that’s where life begins, and you don’t know what you like until you try it.”

Imaan Active may still be in its early years but, the brand is making its mark in the modest fitness wear market with high-quality pieces at affordable prices.